Hidden Spirits

Hidden Spirits Cocktails Product Descriptions

Hidden Spirits Lemonade
This adult beverage embodies the flavor of a freshly squeezed glass of sweet lemonade but gives the same sensation as a glass of white whiskey. At 19% ABV (38 proof), Hidden Spirits Lemonade is infused with premium tequila and embodies a complexity that can only be explained as tasty art!

Hidden Spirits Strawberry
This adult beverage is light and sweet with the taste of fresh strawberries kissed with premium tequila. Hidden Spirits Strawberry is 19% ABV (38 proof) however most can’t distinguish the taste of tequila that goes down smoother than vodka. This beverage can be enjoyed simply on the rocks or neat but has many ways to enhance the flavor profile with simple twist creating several consistently sensational tastes.

Hidden Spirits AppleSpice
This adult beverage embodies the flavor of a fresh glass of cinnamon apple cider. Infused with premium rum, Hidden Spirits AppleSpice is 20% ABV (40 proof) however goes down silky smooth with no adders. This amazing beverage can be served both hot and cold to create many pleasurable ways to enjoy.

Hidden Spirits Cocktails
100% organic, gluten free and non-GMO, all Hidden Spirits Cocktails intrigue women because it lacks the strong taste of alcohol that allows them to sip the silky-smooth taste for hours; while male consumers cannot get enough of its addictive flavor that quickly gives them the same buzz as scotch on the rocks. It’s a perfect combination with the dominant flavors of sweet lemonade, strawberries or apple cider, yet submissive, but powerful kick of your favorite spirits.

Most of our signature beverages can be served both hot and cold, on the rocks or mixed, to create another amazingly powerful drink and alongside some of your favorite food dishes to enhance the dining experience beyond your wildest dreams. Browse our recipe look book to see some fan favorites with detailed instructions on how to prepare at www.hiddenspiritscocktails.com/recipes.