Coco Sky Liqueur

Product description :

Coco Sky is the worlds first and only All Natural, Gluten Free, Kosher, zero preservative, low calorie, Gin based liqueur. It is a simple blend of Natural Coconut water, Gin infused with Juniper berries + Lavender flowers & fresh Cream. It requires no refrigeration and has a shelf life of one year after the bottle is opened. We use a proprietary emulsion technology to keep the components from separating, resulting in a cream liqueur that is shelf-stable and microbiologically safe. Coco Sky is stabilized with medium chain triglycerides oils extracted from Coconut (MCT) that have a saponification value of 350 (highest possible), making it extremely shelf stable & easy to use in Cocktails. No added preservatives or artificial stabilizers.

Coco Sky is based on a Bahamian drink called ‘Sky Juice’ which is available in the Bahamas, enjoyed by locals and tourists but not available anywhere else in the world. There are no other products in the world currently inspired by ‘Sky Juice.’

For Every 100 ML Liquid :
Coco Sky: 242 Calories and 15 g of Sugar.
Rumchata: 473 Calories and 34 g of Sugar.
Baileys: 439.5 Calories and 30 g of Sugar.